The benefits of being part of a creator community

community manager Sep 14, 2018

Interview with Bella Xie
Hubbers Community Manager

In this interview, we ask Bella, our very own Hubbers Community Manager about the reasons and benefits of belonging to a creator community how a good community is built.

Bella has experience in sales, marketing, and HR recruitment. Her previous work experience proves to support her understanding of how individuals, teams, and organizations work and how to persuade them all to join the Hubbers Community.

1. What is the Hubbers Community about?

We aim to create a community where everyone and anyone is welcome from creators to manufactures and more. I connect with many people on a regular basis who want to find a solution to their product development related problem. Some don’t even think they have a problem. They have an idea and not sure where to start making this idea a reality. I also work with investors and experts who want to tap into the creative energies of others and be part of the development of the next new thing on the market. On a personal level, I find it exciting and challenging to build something where people can connect. There are many opportunities as well as creative and inspiring people who are happy to take part in various projects.

2. Why is Hubbers a good place to start a product development project?

Our platform unites creators, experts, and investors. There are many people out there with great ideas, but product development is full of obstacles. These people often don’t know how and where to start their journey, or they don’t even proceed with the idea because they don’t know how to do it. I advise them to register on our platform so that they can connect with people who can help them to start/ execute their ideas. People are excited and interested in this kind of community because before we offer them an opportunity to find international experts, they would otherwise not have access to. Hubbers provides a new way to make these creators' dream come true.

3. What kind of community is the Hubbers community? Who can join?

We have people in all areas of product development, from ideation through manufacturing to sales and distribution. We welcome all levels of expertise from around the world. We have creators, experts and investors with different niche and different budgets, so everybody has a chance to create, and earn money.


4. Why is the Hubbers community a supportive place for business and product development?

It is a nurturing environment because the members can find support according to what they precisely need. At Hubbers it is possible to find high-quality people and organizations and hire them for a project or a short-term task. In the same time, if a high-skilled project manager or someone to assist a brand for a long-term is needed; we also have suitable candidates at the Hubbers Marketplace.

5. What is the difference between a community like Hubbers or a company where paid employees do the work?

The difference is that a company won't have all the resources that our platform has. A single-business platform is limited, and there are times when they need specific resources that they don’t have in-house. Our platform has no limitation, and we can find any expertise globally. You can also approach the project in a lean form without having to hire a full-time employee. You pay for the project that needs to be done and save money on office rental, and everything that comes with hiring full time.

6. What roles are there in the Hubbers community and what they do?

We have three main categories, and some people are able to register in more than one:
Experts: industrial designers, investors, marketers, distributors, sales, manufacturers and many other categories of professionals that are supportive towards product development.
Creators: can be an individual or an organization with a great product development idea, we welcome everyone and anyone.
Designers: industrial, graphic designer, product/ prototyping CAD designer.


7. What benefits Hubbers community offers to the members?

  • Crowdsourcing
  • The members can find the precise expertise they need.
  • They can develop their product from home, no limitation for space, or time and they can source experts according to their location or/and budget.
  • Hubbers offers idea validation because not all ideas are good ideas, and some were just not meant to be developed. We have a tool called "Product Launcher," it is a great tool to test ideas before spending money on the product development. This tool is for free, and by using it, our community members can learn about their business idea as well as how to proceed with a project. Once they process their idea in the Product Launcher and reach at least 70%, we are able to help them to brand, prototype, manufacture and market the idea.

8. Recommendation to Hubbers inventors

  • Explore Hubbers online or via the App and take advantage of the free tools.
  • If you don’t have experience in product development, do your homework before you start hiring people and spending money. Proper research can help you to find the right resources and avoid obvious mistakes.

**Bella is an expert in community building, PR, B2B PR, communication, HR, hiring, community events, research, and business development. **


Hubbers Team

co-writing stories about Hubbers creators, experts and investors co-building a better tomorrow.

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