Crowdfunding Through Movie Making

Crowdfunding Nov 23, 2020

Interview with Angelo Calarco
Crowdfunding Strategist, Producer, Director, Content Creator at

Angelo is an architectural engineer by education and a moviemaker, comedian, creative thinker by passion. While completing his engineering degree, he discovered his real interest in cinematography, movie making, creative writing, creating short films and offering engaging and entertaining content to various organizations.

Angelo was introduced to the crowdfunding movement by a friend, and since his first, successful movie-related project he conducted various, effective campaigns. He studied experienced professionals such as Indiegogo Guru John Trigonis and eagerly learned everything he could. Crowdfunding is a relatively new phenomenon, and many people are in a misconception about how to succeed. asked Angelo about his experience and his recommendations on how to build a successful campaign.

1. How does a crowdfunding project start?

To answer in short: with lots of preparation. Many people think that they upload their brands on the crowdfunding websites and all they need to do is wait for the money to start coming in. They could not be more wrong than that! In my experience, the project starts well before the details become public on the website.

My specialty is to focus on creating a perfect strategy for these campaigns. I aim to find solutions that capture attention, spark interest and are also funny and entertaining. To do that, first I need to understand the project itself and of course the target market.

• The success of any crowdfunding campaign is never guaranteed. It requires a very strong pre-campaign where you build and nurture your (target) audience. • Connect your audience with all your social media channels. These channels should be well coordinated, strategically branded and filled with suitable content. • Continuity of communication is vital. Putting up a set of images or an introduction on a website won’t help you to get ahead. You need to keep up the excitement and continuously engage your audience.

• You need to be aware that the campaign isn’t about you, but it is strongly about the whole of the community that you are building around your project.

3. What is necessary to a successful campaign?

I believe a mix of factors:

  1. Set a clear goal and decide how you are going to achieve it.
  2. Create a recognizable brand with a clear description.
  3. Send a clear message why people should follow and fund your project.
  4. Keep in mind that passion is contagious! Create something that sparks passion. Actively engage your community during the campaign and pre-campaign.
  5. Create something that is of high quality and find the demand for it!

Any and all marketing tools can be useful depending on the project. The more, then better! Including online, and offline tools such as blogging, online PR activities, QR codes, high-quality images, clever hashtags, and various offline community building and PR events.

5. Do you find that your speciality — movies — help to make these crowdfunding campaigns more successful?

Absolutely! Videos help to communicate your brand story and beyond. I usually suggest having 1–2 main videos that are professionally made, and add a few more that are less edited or even live videos. Vimeo or YouTube are great platforms to upload your movies, and it is easy to share and promote them afterward. The videos can also be used as an active part of the campaign such as Live video “Live-atons” to encourage funding actively.

Reference projects:

Behind the scenes video:

Angelo recommends to our creators to put themselves out there before and during the campaigns. People often want to connect with the actual creators; they want to know and understand the story behind the ideas and products.

Angelo is an expert in crowdfunding specifically in movie-related projects, movie making and cinematography.


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