Hubbers Innovation Expert: Francis Riquet

innovation Feb 20, 2018

With 17 years of experience in innovation, Francis tells that he not only enjoys running a company and create innovative patented projects but also likes new challenges and share his experience and knowledge with others. He had worked with two Fablabs in France hence has a good understanding of what creators would look for or what problems they might encounter during their work.

DalaFlex Technologies was born from the meeting of a group of engineers and serial entrepreneurs. They decided to join forces in a single company offering the best of their expertise and experiences.

The DalaFlex team has 35 years of combined experiences in:

  • Project Planning
  • R&D Development in Electronics
  • Software Development
  • Sensor/ parts selection and suggestion
  • Manufacturing and Plant Management
  • Complete Manufacturing/assembly plan with quality control & tracking
  • Process and Automation Management
  • Supply Chain in China
  • Self-owned assembly line and supply chain in China
  • Import/ export license
  • Marketing & Sales support

What type of products do you create?

General electronic system products and IOT products.


What are your suggestions to our creators before they contact potential manufacturers?

First of all, know what you need, and define the details precisely. Creators have to know the market, their requirements and cost estimation. Second is to know and understand the service they are looking for.
In short, they need to know very well about the details of the product and what they are looking for in a manufacturer to help to build that product.

What crucial information is required when a creator wants to get a quotation for a specific service?

  1. Stages of the product development
  2. Key components
  3. Quantity required
  4. Chip/ sensor selection
  5. Shipping country and zipp code
  6. Special requirements such as specific quality, safety standards, waterproof, military standard...etc.

What is your quotation process?

We are very selective about our customers. We want to make sure we choose to work with right clients without wasting our time and resources. Before we exchange or share detailed information, we request the client to sign an NDA. Afterwards, we can start the detailed discussion. From product development stage, financial & funding status, to their target market, estimated market price and so on... It is important to obtain all this information to get really clear requirements from the creators. Quotations are based on specific details and depend on requirements of each client and the work to be done.

What is your average lead time for receiving quotations?

Few days, generally it's held by creator's information provision. 20% of the quotation is needed to check with suppliers, other 80% consist of the quotation is our in-house knowledge.

Special offer to potential creators?

Sometimes we offer free quotation services to creators with high potentials or people introduced by our friends and associates.

Do you have a maximum output of quantity?

Small volume ~10k/ month
We work with limited outsourcing partners. This way we aim to prevent people in the factory stealing design parts. We have our own PCBA production line, component-, and assembly line in-house.

How do you protect the creators' IP?

I am personally not fond of filing patents because having a patent is just a way to let others know a solution to a certain problem. The patent is for investors but imposes a risk of letting others know your technology. It is a risk that people get access to copy your design under the patent. The timing of entering the market is more important than the patent in my opinion. Also, I have an important suggestion for creators: ensure you do know your competitors!

How can creators ensure their product quality(QC) when working with various manufacturers?

Define your own quality check steps, and request the factories to closely follow them. Sometimes the product from manufacturers can be inconsistent in quality, or have a funtional failure, like antenna signal, fail to meet the standards...etc. I always recommend creators to check personally check the quality of the products. It may take longer, but quality, in that case, is easier to maintain. Creators also can create their own independent QC team.

What other suggestion you'd like to give to creators?

When making the cost/ price estimation, remember to save margin for retailers, that's something important but forgotten by most of the creators.

Francis is an expert in project management, engineering and product innovation.


Hubbers Team

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