How a CAD design can make or break the product development?

London Sep 28, 2018

Interview with Matteo Schipsi
CAD designer, graphic designer and founder of Contemplo design

Hubbers talks to the London-based, Italian designer about his life as a freelancer and how he takes part in various product developments through CAD design. We also asked him how his engineering background helps in his work and how understanding technology can support functional product creation.

1. Matteo, you have experience in mechanical engineering, music, lighting, and shoe design. How did you end up with CAD?

I've always been passionate about style, graphic design, and creative art. After I graduated from high school in graphic design, and I was very interested in learning 3D Design and to further develop my skills. I started with LightWave 3D and Photoshop 6.0., that's a long way from where technology is today!

At one point I had to decide if my focus moves towards marketing or specifically design and of course I chose the design part. Top graphic designers are driven, and creative and typography is a piece of knowledge that sets designers apart, and I decided to learn about typography too.
Apart from creating design elements on the computer and by hand, I was also interested in working with plastic and manufacturing automotive parts.

2. What kind of help do you offer to clients interested in product design and innovation?

I can help with 3CAD design, high-quality graphic design, I work with Pro/E, Rhino, Adobe CS design software, and helping any Innovators, Inventors, Designers to make their Prototypes for Injection Mold Design and 3D printing.


3. What CAD design is used for?

  • CAD Is basically modeling through a computerized program in 3D form.
  • You can compose all the forms of an object in 3D.
  • This design helps to display your product and how it will/ can look in real life. CAD helps you to encapture the actual look as well as understand if something needs to be adjusted or not functional.
  • It is used for prototyping where the factory can use the CAD design to create your product according to your expectations.
  • The factory production machines read clearly the details of a CAD design.

4. What are the details of a good CAD design?

CAD design is a highly technical field to work in. The customer comes with an idea, and I need to create a functional representation on the computer. This drawing later, once it is double-confirmed with an engineer serves the purpose of manufacturing. A good CAD designer has to be creative and innovative besides being able to use the program with efficiency. Even the smallest detail can significantly affect the outcome of the creation, and for this reason, the drawing has to be perfect in every sense.

5. What things clients have to be careful about when hiring a CAD designer?

  • Hire someone from a reputable school or with proven, high-quality track record and references.
  • Incorrect dimensioning or low quality drawing standards are signs where things can go wrong. If the drawing is not done correctly, it can certainly cause problems, confusion, and manufacturing errors.
  • The work of the CAD designer always have to be checked by an engineer as well. this step ensures that design meets functionality and technical requirements are met.

Matteo is expert in graphic design, product design and 3D CAD design.


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