How creative problem solving helps brand building and profitability?

innovation Apr 12, 2018

Interview with Ignacio Carrera
Co-Founder & Director of Strategy of

With offices in Spain, Mumbai, and Shanghai, Inway Projects is a consulting firm based on innovation methodologies focused on the user. It has a prestigious client base peppered with big, multinational brands such as Coca-Cola, Santander, Real Madrid and Iberia Airways. Inway Projects offers creative solutions to various problems corporate organizations and startups facing.

1. What type of services do you offer to your clients?

We cover a wide variety of projects from branding, marketing online and offline, corporate identity, SEO, SEM, social media marketing, and corporate videos. We also offer corporate trouble-shooting and problem-solving.

2. What do corporate trouble-shooting and problem-solving mean?

There are situations when brands struggle with a specific part of their business. At the same time, they don't have a clear understanding why things don't go the way they thought it would. These companies not always know what their problem is.
What we do is help them to identify the core of their problems through research and analysis. After we got to the root of the cause, we offer various problem-solving techniques to improve their operation.

3. You offer user-focused innovation methodologies. What are those?

We believe that when you want to grow a team, a brand, or a start-up, first you have to develop the people working for your brand, and not the company. Through people, you indirectly build your brand as well.

We aim to understand the problem and why the company is not growing properly, and why cannot reach its target market. The proposed solutions depend on the client's needs and budgets. We apply different methodologies such as prototyping, deep-dive, visual and design thinking. The goal is to improve the business model and help to solve their problem pro-actively.

4. How do you operate in the Chinese market?

The Chinese market is aware of the importance of innovation, eager to grow and learn. We create strategies while our local partners follow through with the daily operation and execution of the tasks. We specifically target start-ups and corporate companies struggling with innovation issues. Our customers are mostly Millenials.

5. What project management styles are you focusing on and why?

First, we need to understand how a team works. We believe in leadership and not in a boss telling others what to do. Our ideal structure is horizontal distribution, where the management focuses on completing tasks.

We work with methodologies such as Scrum, and we believe in using the latest tech tools and platforms like asana, trello, etc. Our primary business core is lean thinking, and we create ideas, solve problems mainly through design thinking.
First, we validate every new business idea because companies, projects, and teams are all different, and it is essential to offer a solution that is customized to their specifics.

6. What do you offer under "digitalization"?

We create online strategies mainly for foreign companies wanting to enter China or help Chinese companies go to Western markets and open new channels.

7. What unique ways do you offer corporate problem-solving?

We are just working on an exciting case with Coca-Cola. We organized an event with 100 university students as participants between the age of 18-25. We divided them into teams of five, and they joined our problem-solving Hackathon. The teams had 24 hours to create their best solutions to a specific problem. The participants received guidance from us in the forms of brain-stormings and other idea generation techniques. The winning team was awarded 1,000EUR for the best solution, and Coca-Cola followed through their plan.


8.What do you suggest to our creators?

  • When you want to create something, ensure you understand the process, the target and the details of the execution.
  • Before you deep-dive into creating a new product or service, validate your idea first. Find your target market, build your strategy, and create a detailed plan for the execution.

Ignacio and Inway Projects are experts in branding, marketing online and offline, corporate identity, SEO, SEM, social media marketing, and corporate videos.


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