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electric scooter Mar 3, 2018

Interview with Christian Bruere
Product marketing expert, creator, but first of all a passionate Entrepreneur with a vision to bring products to market

There are many people out there with great ideas. Some others know how to create things such as build electronic equipment or develop brands. What Christian does differently is that he thinks up something unique, works out the details, and successfully brings it to the market. Not enough? He sells his products too! We interview him about his new and exciting project that offers a revolutionary way for urban transports in France, starting with food delivery service.

1. Are your scooters made in China? Does 'Made in China'has a negative connotation to products coming from the East?

Not anymore. Made in China - can be made with care. Indeed the number of goods are produced in China, or in Asia are overwhelming to the West but not everything is made cheap and of low quality anymore. There are highly professional factories, and if the conditions and expectations are clear and supervised from the beginning, the outcome is competitive to the products manufactured in the West.

2. How did you end up working with electric scooters?

I was previously involved in the hotel and restaurant business through the food delivery brand 'AlloResto' (now called 'Just Eat'), where we heavily relied on using scooters for food delivery on a daily basis. To reduce our cost, we started importing ready-made motorcycles from China.
However, we quickly realized that the lead-acid batteries were not efficient enough. As these batteries were removable, we began to replace them with imported lithium ones. The operational cost went down immediately, and we had much less technical problems and breakdowns than before, while maintenance was cheaper and easier to manage.
Today we buy Italian scooters made in China, and we use batteries produced in Bordeaux, in France.

3. As a creator and entrepreneur yourself, what do you suggest to the Hubbe.rs creators before they start their project.

In my experience, quality is one of the most critical aspects of any creation. They need to keep in mind that there are many factories around the world producing cheap, uncomplicated products in high quantities. If you want to make a difference, create something that stands out, solves an existing problem, or offers a better solution to something that it is out there already on the market. Competition is huge in product development, and to be successful, you need to be visible one way or another. If you offer cheap, mass-produced goods, it won't be competitive, sustainable, or easily recognized on the market.

4. There are many types of electric scooters on the market already. Why and how is your product differs from those?

We focus on creating a very high-quality electric scooter with improved functionality compared to a standard scooter. We also offer excellent service and aftercare with our products.

5. Is that all or do you have any (not so) secret ingredients to your business success?

These days planned obsolescence, the artificially limited useful life of electronic equipment is the industry standards. In plain English, it means that usually beyond warranty you can't use your product because it gets old and stops functioning. Good examples are mobile batteries and computers.

We strive for the opposite, and we want to ensure maximum length and useful life for our products. We don't want to create unnecessary waste in the world, but rather reduce it. For this reason, we decided to upgrade various parts of our scooters to much higher quality. We replaced our metal screws with stainless steel, the mudguards are made of rubber to avoid easy breakage at smaller bumps, and we use Michelin tires. By applying these standards to our equipment, we not only managed to reduce accidents by 60% but were also able to maximize revenue on our scooters. As we are renting them out to food delivery services, we want to ensure that the lifetime of each bike is as long and healthy as possible.

6. How can you ensure your maintenance cost is kept low? Each scooter is driven by a different individual on various terrains, weather conditions, and driving skills.

We've created a truly unique selling point that corporations can hugely benefit from implemented a device in each scooter to track and understand its daily usage. If a technical problem occurs, we have a clear understanding why it happened: was the driver driving too fast? Or just a crazy person with no regards for his equipment? Are the roads too bumpy while the bikes are not adapting to the terrain well enough? With the help of this little box in each scooter, we can create not only a conscious driving culture but also improve our equipment as needed. Through understanding the issue, we can add better functions such as anti-vibration, stronger frames, better fixation, etc. and extend the lifecycle of our products.

On the electric scooter market, Christian challenges the existing norms and brings new functions and materials to his product. By doing so, he offers a competitive edge, extra revenue, as well as a much better overall solution to his clients. Hubbe.rs are encouraged to find inspiration in his approach of looking at the whole market, considering various opportunities and coming up with the best. Creating a product that nobody wants or needs is not real creation.It gets interesting for all parties involved when a product is viable, useful, and sell-able on a specific market.

Christian is a fan and creator of hubbe.rs and hubbe.rs works to find the best experts for his new product development needs.


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