Hubbers Launch at CES Asia, Shanghai

Hubbers Jun 29, 2018

The months and months of hard work has come to fruition; we launched Hubbers and introduced it at the CES Asia.

There was no place where we've rather be than this global fair filled with the latest technologies, the myriad of exciting and inspiring innovations, products and services that reinvent the ways how we do things.
We made new friends, met lots of interesting and talented people. It was great to connect, learn and research the future of technology & innovation.

Who we are?

Hubbers is a global hub of makers helping product creators, industrial designers and companies launch innovative products and connect experts and commercial/ financial resources.

To launch your product idea with minimum resources and maximum expertise, Hubbers offers four, excellent product development tools:


Hubbers is for you if you:

  • Have a great idea but don't know how and where to start from there
  • Are a distributor looking for new products in a specific niche
  • Are a designer or an expert of your trade and would like to offer you services and talent as a freelancer to others for a fee.
  • Taking your experience and expertise one step further and would like to try your knowledge as a Judge or a Super-Expert.
  • Would like to invest in new ideas or the redevelopment of already existing products.

Reach out and connect with us! You can email or leave a message on our website Intercom, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Hubbers Team

co-writing stories about Hubbers creators, experts and investors co-building a better tomorrow.

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