How inventor communities create a better future through co-creation

Beijing Jun 6, 2019

Interview with Guillaume Faraut
Urban Planner Director at Urbanspace & Hubbers community in Beijing-

Guillaume talks about planning green cities, creating eco-friendly products, and systems to shape a better future. He explains how an inventor community like Hubbers' can take an active part in this process.

1. What do you do as an urban planner in China?

As a city planner, I am focused on trends and how various applications can be used for building a sustainable, healthier and greener future. I firmly believe that we need inventors and creators to find ways to change how we live and how we use materials around us.
Overall the western world has an open and positive approach to creating greener space and to various degrees things continuously change. China focuses on facts and establishes law and regulations to fix the ecology. This reflects on transportation, green buildings, and in having the right attitude towards going green. The approach in China works because if any industry doesn’t adhere to regulations, the government closes them down.

2. What inspiration do you see in Hubbers and how did you get in touch with us?

I met the founder of Hubbers, Benjamin through an event and we both felt that the future is in innovation. I felt inspired and wanted to be part of this movement. I would like to find ways to have less impact on nature and innovation in technology can help that.


3. How does innovation appear in urban planning?

We need to think big: city planning is everything from housing, to hospitals, from offices to education and everything in between. When city planning is done well, it helps to create a healthy balance between transportation, construction, and technology.

4. What do you expect from Hubbers and the creators signing up for projects?

Build an active community where we get to share ideas, discuss methods, invent new products and find smart ways to recycle existing ones. Sharing ideas helps to create a friendly and inspiring community. As a "family" we have the power to combine expertise and create smart products. I believe it’s a win-win system and when you spend time with the community, and they give you right back too.


5. How can Hubbers help your field of work?

Through Hubbers we create smart solutions for the future:

  • Stay with green thinking and start with small and liveable products. Gradually introduce more applications, less paper, use eco-friendly materials for existing products instead of plastic, and invent new products with better, eco-friendly materials.
  • Mass production needs to realize that the future of our planet depends on each and every person managing their own consumption. When recycling products, we give a second chance to materials hence less waste is created.
  • Zero Carbone versus negative Carbone: the chain of production starts from vegetables and natural products. It is not only that we create natural materials, but we also use natural production methods.
  • Find ways to replace products and processes that are not sustainable.

6. How to inspire young generations for the change?

I would like to connect with universities and various schools and find people from different industries. There are a lot of young, Chinese designers who were educated abroad, and understand different cultures and the globalization of the world. These talents are able to combine the Western and Eastern cultures.
One of my projects is to inspire young Chinese people to connect to the problem of air pollution. China has a deep connection to gardens through traditions, Confucian philosophy, and cultural relationships. There is respect for the natural system, and people are conscious about the future being connected to ecology.

Guillaume is an expert in architecture, landscape, and Urban Planning. **
** Guillaume is an active Beijing Hubbers community leader, feel free to contact him if you are in Beijing and want to join the hubbers community


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