Embracing Innovation, Impact, and Community: Insights from Thierry Laurent in Shanghai

Embracing Innovation, Impact, and Community: Insights from Thierry Laurent in Shanghai
Thierry Laurent co-organizing the third Franco-Chinese Carbon Neutrality Forum in Shanghai Nov 2023
In an enlightening conversation, Thierry Laurent, a prominent figure in the world of innovation and environmental protection, shares his insights from Shanghai. With a rich background in corporate leadership within the chemistry sector and a current focus on supporting startups in environmental conservation, Laurent highlights the evolving concept of 'impact generation.' This exclusive interview delves into his perspective on the significant changes technology and innovation have brought to our lives, his involvement with sustainable development goals, and his views on the vital features of Hubbers, a platform aiding product innovators. Laurent's vision for innovation transcends technology, emphasizing the need for community and positive societal impact.

Hubbers: Could you introduce yourself and describe your journey and current focus in Shanghai?

Thierry Laurent: I'm Thierry Laurent, based in Shanghai with my family. After leaving my corporate role in the food chemicals industry, I've shifted my focus to startups, particularly in environmental protection. My involvement with Hubbers is part of this journey, blending my long-standing relationship with innovation and a newer focus on impactful, community-driven endeavors.

Hubbers: What does 'impact generation' mean to you, and how do you approach being an impact generator?

Thierry Laurent: Impact generation has evolved from merely enhancing lives through technology to consciously creating a positive future. For me, it's about improving daily life and the broader societal aspects, especially in underprivileged communities. I'm particularly focused on air quality issues, differing slightly from the popular focus on climate change.

Hubbers: Among the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which resonate most with you?

Thierry Laurent: While I'm not well-versed with all 17 SDGs, my actions align with improving social and economic conditions, particularly in Africa, and addressing environmental challenges like pollution. So more aligned to SDG 3 (Good health and well-being),  SDG 13 (Climate action) and SDG 15 (Life on land)

Hubbers: In your view, which features of Hubbers stand out as the most important?

Thierry Laurent: Hubbers is unique for its focus on local communities within a global network, similar to platforms like French Founders. Its value lies in being a safe, collaborative space for innovators who may not be naturally social but seek like-minded connections and resources.

Hubbers: Why would you recommend Hubbers to others?

Thierry Laurent: Hubbers offers a gentle, inclusive environment that's pivotal for product innovators. It's a nurturing space where one can find assistance, resources, and community support, making it an ideal platform for those looking to make a meaningful impact in their field.

Hubbers: Finally, what are your three key words that summarize your focus and ethos?

Thierry Laurent: While it's challenging to condense my ethos into three words, I resonate with 'Innovation,' 'Impact,' and 'Community.' These encapsulate my current endeavors, including organizing a carbon neutrality forum. I believe innovation shouldn't just be high-tech but also practical, enjoyable, and beneficial for humanity's future.

Thierry Laurent's insights shed light on the crucial balance between innovation, societal impact, and community building. His perspective underscores the importance of focusing on practical solutions and meaningful connections, shaping a sustainable future through thoughtful and inclusive innovation.

Thierry Laurent is co-hosting Hubbers Shanghai Community. Feel free to join Hubbers Shanghai here

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