Inspiring Brand Innovator, Max Sim, Shares Insights on Impact Generation and Co-Creation

Inspiring Brand Innovator, Max Sim, Shares Insights on Impact Generation and Co-Creation

In a captivating interview, brand innovator Max Sim discusses the concept of impact generation and delves into his passion for designing for good and sustainability. With a focus on education and economic growth, Max also highlights the importance of community building within the Hubbers platform. He shares his expertise in brand innovation and design thinking, and expresses his enthusiasm for co-creating a future that truly matters.

Hubbers: Okay, so first of all, a 60-second presentation with your name, your job, your location, where are you based?

Max Sim: Hi, this is Max, I'm a brand innovator for my company called Be Part Of. We are based here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and we are delighted to serve even some clients beyond this border and beyond Malaysia. And what we do specialize in is how to design for good, or design for sustainability towards the impact that really matters. And that's our purpose, designing a future that matters.

Hubbers: What is, for you, the meaning of impact generation, of these two words?

Max Sim: Impact generation, I think I break it into two, really. I think, first of all, we talk about impact, impact is, it really means not just about sitting at one place without anything, but I think it's either the recipients of impact or the creator of impact, you know, it means of certain outcomes that will influence a certain direction, trajectories of future directions, and hopefully it's of good directions. And definitely, when it comes to generations or generators, it's the people itself, the platform whereby the creator, the sources of it. So hence, when impact generators, or impact generation is combination, it really means the people, or the resources, or the powerhouse of impact, in that sense.

Hubbers: Do you have, for example, two or three top SDGs that are more aligned with your value and your job?

Max Sim: Well, I think being someone that is really passionate in doing this, personally, I will opt for really on the education side of it, and really through education, how might we be able to bring forth education to those that are marginalized or in areas that are untapped.

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